a statue of Bellamy Young: "Have a magical day," doesn't mean what you think it does.? Provided by Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. "Have a magical day," doesn't mean what you think it does.

山东十一选五预测 www.3ly15.cn They say Disney World is the happiest place on earth, and frankly, it sure seems that way once the kids are napping and you're nursing a wine slushie over in faux France. And as happy as the theme parks make us mere civilians, it turns out, it's (mostly) a pretty swell place to work too, according to some Disney staff members who anonymously shared secrets about their work lives on the app Whisper.

Their confessions, gathered by the Daily Mail, are mostly as sickly sweet as said slushie, but a few are downright scandalous.

One content employee loved everything except for the strict dress code. "I want to quit my job at Disney World, but then I think about how good of a job it is and how much fun I have at work, but I do wish I could dye my hair and get acrylic nails again."

Another happy dude shared, "I got the park manager to let me use the Mickey costume in a show to ask my boyfriend to marry me," which is awful nice.

Whereas another would probably like the gig if it weren't for the parents.

"Being around children and their parents all day every day has taught me how not to raise my children."

Another added that the guests can be so downright mean (hey, hanger + too much sun + lines + cranky kids = angst, okay?) that apparently "have a magical day' is mouse for "go f--k yourself."

One even confessed, "Every day before my shift I drink liquor to help make me more cheerful for the children." Something tells me this is not standard operating procedure over at Disney, but, umm, as long as the kids are happy?

Jessica Alba et al. posing for a photo: Disney World Staff Reveal Their Secrets Disney World Staff Reveal Their Secrets

But overall, everyone seemed to really appreciate the Disney difference.

"I work in Disney as Rapunzel, the children who visit give me life," wrote...well, Rapunzel. And another added, "It brings me joy to see a child's face light up."

However, they did all seem to agree that the hardest part of playing a character was having to actually stay in character.

"When I worked at Disney I wanted so much to freak out whenever I met a celebrity. Totally sucks when I can't break out of character," one said.

Bellamy Young standing in front of a statue: Disney World Staff Reveal Their Secrets Disney World Staff Reveal Their Secrets

But role playing evidently isn't all that bad.

"I once walked in on Belle and Gaston having sex. They paused and then Belle says: "Don't tell the Beast."'

I don't actually believe this scenario occurred but if it did, good for Belle for thinking on her slippers.

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