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山东十一选五预测 www.3ly15.cn Disney is giving another look at its upcoming Aladdin remake.

The studio is billing this as the first full-length trailer for the live-action movie, which stars Will Smith as the Genie, Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Jasmine. Marwan Kenzari also stars as the villainous Jafar.

The first footage The debuted debuted in October 2018, giving a glimpse at the Genie's lamp, while in February a new look was broadcast during the Grammy Awards. It faced a mixed response to Smith's blue Genie.

"You really get in this adaptation of the movie that her heart is for her people, and her main objective is what's best for her kingdom," Scott told The Hollywood Reporter in 2017 of her role as Jasmine. "And you really get a sense that she has those leadership qualities within her."

Guy Ritchie is behind the camera for this adaptation of the 1992 animated musical, which was helmed by John Musker and Ron Clements and earned more than $504 million globally.

Disney has multiple live-action remakes coming out in 2019, including Tim Burton's Dumbo (March 28) and Jon Favreau's The Lion King (July 19). Other animated classics that are getting remakes from Disney include Mulan, The Little Mermaid, The Lady and the Tramp, Snow White and Pinocchio.

Aladdin hits theaters May 24.

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