a lion sitting in a box: Boboo is the Phoenix Zoo's new resident. © Phoenix Zoo Boboo is the Phoenix Zoo's new resident.

山东十一选五预测 www.3ly15.cn PHOENIX (AP) — The Phoenix Zoo is the new home of an African lion.

Officials at the zoo said in a news release Monday that Boboo, a 3-1/2-year-old male, arrived over the weekend from the Columbus Zoo.

Boboo will for now be in an off-exhibit area for one to two weeks in order to acclimate to the new surroundings.

At some point, he will be introduced to Cookie, a 20-year-old female African lion.

If the two fail to get along, they will have to rotate being on view for zoo visitors.

Boboo is the brother of Kitambi, an 8-year-old lion who died at the Phoenix Zoo in August from a severe systemic infection.


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